i can say with the utmost authenticity that the clusterfuck that is the "edm" genre is my favorite type of music. i suppose my most favorite sub-genre is hardstyle. i also like gabber, electro swing, synthwave, drum and bass... all that fun stuff.

here are some artists i like, and their respective songs that i deem my favorites.

Noisestorm Breakdown VIP
Noisecontrollers Get Loose
Celldweller Lost In Time
PYLOT Cruising / Caine (honorable mention)
Corrupted Machines Nocturnal

some one-offs i really enjoy

Perséphone - Retro Funky (SUNDANCE Remix)
Neovaii - Take It Back
Digital Punk & Adaro - Whiplashed
Starcadian - Manuals
Savant - Black Magic

something something touhou doujin circles

something something eurobeat?